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Captain's Message Feb 2019

Bill Kent MBE Captain 2019


I felt a note from me would help to introduce myself to you all. I know many members of the DGC however by no means the majority. This year will give me the opportunity to meet many more of you and hopefully make some new friends. I am honoured to be your Captain and privileged to hold the appointment. I thank you all for having the confidence to appoint me. I plan to serve you well and trust that you enjoy your golf wherever and whenever you play. I hope that 2019 will be a good year for you all and that good health, golf and fortune is yours throughout the year. Enjoy life.

How did I get here?

Born in Burton on Trent, the brewers town way back in the early 1940s into a military family who moved every 2 or 3 years to all corners of the UK and a quick sojourn in India. I then joined the Army in 1959 training as an Apprentice Electronic technician in the Royal Signals and rose through the ranks eventually leaving some 38 years later as a Lt Colonel. On the way, I met my wife Sylvia in Singapore, married in Wales in 1967 and in due course had a family of 2 girls. I served in Africa twice, and all parts of the UK plus several European countries including Cyprus. Made my home in Parkstone in 1988. All my life I have enjoyed all sports and mastered none. I was advised by a doctor in 1987 that I should take up golf and quit all team games as many of my moving parts were no longer that mobile.


I fell in love with the game in 1986 and wished I had found it much earlier. My first UK Club was Ashley Wood 1987 and then in 1998 I joined Broadstone on leaving the Army and was fortunate to be appointed Captain in 2008. Golf has frustrated me, pleased me and teased me. It has kept me fit for the past few years, been a source of meeting people, making friends, having great fun playing the game in all weathers and conditions in the fresh air. No one was more surprised than me when to be asked and then appointed your Captain. I plan and hope to make a success of this appointment.


With members dispersed around the county at some 33 clubs it is vital that we have good communications to provide information to all our members. To that end, your Committee has decided, and is committed to ensuring, that our primary means of communication is via our website - This will be updated throughout the year to provide members with all the news of activities, events and matches, with just a click of a mouse.

Webpage Update

This is progressing steadily and will evolve throughout the year. So far you can view your match selection choices, see the matches you have been selected for by the new selection process, full listings of each match team and reserves.
Please check to see that you can play in the matches for which you have been chosen and send the £10.00 per match to our Hon. Sec. as specified in his email ASAP. You should have already received a personal email request.
There is much work to be done to complete the update of the web site to include match reports which will include pictures and a short write up. We have also to clean up the site by removing and updating all information on each web page to reflect recent changes in DGC procedures which are currently being reviewed and updated.

2 Way Communication

We need to meet the wishes and aspirations of our membership. Whilst we have Club Representatives for you to speak to we would encourage you to use them but are also happy for you to raise matters directly with us by contacting myself at, or the Honorary Secretary at

Junior Golf - The Colin Chataway Trophy

This is being held at The Ashley Wood Golf Club on Thursday 1st August 2019 at The Ashley Wood Golf Club. This event was inaugurated in 1982 with the aim of encouraging Junior competition and helping boys and girls aged 16 and under with their etiquette and interpretation of the Rules of Golf. Teams of 4, a mix of boys and girls under sixteen are accompanied by a DGC Club captain to assist them as necessary concerning rules and etiquette. I urge you to assist in this task by volunteering to act as a “referee” for one of the teams. Club representatives are requested to ensure that if their Club enter a Junior team, a Club DGC member volunteer is also provided.

Last Post

I would be most grateful if Club Representatives would report the death of DGC members past or present, so that we are able to pay due respects to them on the web page and if possible, at their funeral.
I wish you all a good golfing year ahead and that you enjoy all your golf days with the DGC.
I look forward to meeting you through the season and Invite you to my Invitation Day at Broadstone on 8th August.

May all your drives end on the fairway.

Warm Regards,

Bill Kent