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Dorset Golf Captains 2020 AGM Voting - SUMMARY

This is the final number of votes received from the on-line voting form after voting closed at 23:59 on Thursday 3rd December 2020.
Multiple votes from the same member were removed, with only his latest votes retained.
All voter names have been verified as members of Dorset Golf Captains.
Derek Grimes and David Woodroffe found no discrepancies when auditing the votes.
The DGC Committee ratified the results below at a video conference held 11th December 2020.
Agenda Item No Proposition Votes Approve Votes Disapprove Abstentions Result
2 To confirm the minutes of the 49th AGM 59 0 6 APPROVED
8 To amend the Dorset Golf Captains' Constitution with regard to the composition of the Committee by removing the position of Hon. Match Secretary and adding the position of Hon. Webmaster 61 0 7 APPROVED
9.1 To elect Captain Peter Foster 47 13 8 APPROVED
9.2 To elect Vice-Captain David Woodroffe 47 13 7 APPROVED
9.3 To elect Honorary Secretary Nigel Mobbs 68 0 0 APPROVED
9.4 To elect Honorary Treasurer Brian Hansford 67 0 1 APPROVED
9.5 To elect Honorary Clothing Organiser David Recardo 68 0 0 APPROVED
9.6 To elect Honorary Fixture Secretary David Picton 67 0 0 APPROVED
9.7 To elect Honorary Webmaster David Kimberley 64 0 3 APPROVED
10 To appoint Mike Mead Honorary Auditor 67 0 1 APPROVED
12 To change DGC shirts to a red colour as part of the celebration of our 50th Anniversary 42 22 3 APPROVED
14 To hold the 51st AGM on Thursday 2nd December 2021 at Bulbury Woods GC 65 0 2 APPROVED
Members of Dorset Golf Captains may request a copy of the record of the on-line voting from the Hon. Secretary by sending an email to
Nigel Mobbs Hon. Secretary, Dorset Golf Captains 12th December 2020
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